Surgeon testimonials

Who: Dr. Eric Halvorson, MD.

Specialty: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Facility: Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Experience with DermaClose: 5 years

Primary use: To close scalp and lower extremity wounds

“It’s amazing how in 5 to 7 days it will get things closed with a better cosmetic and functional result.”

Who: Dr. Risal Djohan

Specialty: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Facility: Cleveland, Ohio

Experience with DermaClose: 3 years

Primary use: Donor sites, chronic wounds, and fasciotomies

“Closes wounds at a faster rate than conventional modalities and may result in a better cosmetic result vs a skin graft.”

Who: Herman Houin, MD

Specialty: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Facility: Henry Ford Health System

Experience with DermaClose: 5 years

Primary use: Fasciotomies and open wounds and as a method to pre-expand tissue prior to surgery

“When you add in costs of multiple procedures, applying DermaClose in a prospective manner makes a lot more sense.”

Patient testimonial

Who: Jamie Mendoza

Watch a moving patient testimonial on the power of DermaClose to heal.


More testimonials

“High tension closure of surgical wounds increase risk of impairing the microcirculation surrounding the wound, and can cause tissue strangulation. Expanding the tissue around the wound increases good vascularization, supporting and strengthening wounds until healing increases the tissue tensile strength.

DermaClose Tissue Expander supports the closure and releases the tension, significantly reducing risk of dehiscence due to poor cutaneous circulation caused by a high tension closure, and other risk such as, obesity, lung disease, smoking, and poor nutrition.”

Howard Rosenthal, MD. Orthopedic Oncologist., The University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS
“DermaClose is an important tool in my surgeon toolbox. It is very effective for closing wounds as well as helping to close or stabilize troubled wounds. It is also very effective for offloading high-tension wounds. DermaClose works well all over the body including the scalp. My experience with this product has been excellent.

DermaClose has been an important addition to my practice and I highly recommend it to other surgeons in multiple specialties.”

Jack Hiebert, MD. Director of Wound Care., Truman Medical Center. Kansas City, MO