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If you are considering purchasing DermaClose for your hospital, the information below will help you make an informed decision. DermaClose is the only controlled-force, self-tightening, continuous external tissue expander. It safely and effectively facilitates rapid tissue movement to reduce or re-approximate wounds.

DermaClose is also an innovative alternative (or adjunct) to split thickness skin grafts, negative pressure wound therapy, and other complex procedures for achieving primary closure of complex wounds.

DermaClose gently and rapidly expands the skin on the subcutaneous planes around the wound until the edges are brought close enough together for final suturing and closure. Once set, DermaClose automatically maintains the proper amount of tension and does not need to be readjusted or tightened.
Multiple studies and case reports attest to the efficacy of DermaClose:

Albany Medical Center Study:

A recent study of 28 patients with fasciotomy wounds found that DermaClose:

  • Successfully achieved delayed primary closure in 93% of patients
  • Average time to closure 5 days
  • No intraoperative or long-term complications were reported

Walter Reed Study:

Similarly, a study in 14 blast victims with significant tissue trauma at Walter Reed found that with DermaClose:

  • 86% achieved wound closure with delayed primary closure vs 14% who required split thickness skin grafting
  • Average time to closure was 4.4 days in wounds averaging 263 cm2
  • There were no major complications reported
  • The ability to combine DermaClose with negative pressure therapy enabled wound decontamination and closure to be achieved simultaneously

Plus DermaClose has been used in over 11,500 cases to date, with 30 case studies

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There are many surgical procedures where large amounts of skin are involved and which may benefit from DermaClose. These include surgeries for:

  • Amputations
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Reconstructive surgical procedures
  • Trauma, such as wounds associated with broken bones
  • Skin cancer surgery or removal of large tumors
  • Infections that cause a large amount of skin loss
  • Pressure ulcers or diabetic wounds that won’t heal
  • Any surgical procedure that requires a skin graft to heal

Typically one DermaClose is used per each 10 cm of length of the wound. For wounds that are 10 cm or more wide it is recommended to use one DermaClose XL per 10 cm of length.

DermaClose has been used in over 11,500 cases to date, and has been studied by world-class surgeons at Walter Reed and the Mayo Clinic. It is classified by the FDA as a class I product, which is the lowest risk classification assigned by the FDA. DermaClose also avoids the potential risks, adverse effects and increased costs associated with more complicated skin graft surgery, and in many cases DermaClose helps avoid painful skin grafts and the secondary wounds (the “donor sites”) that the skin grafts make. Complications of skin grafts include:
• Bleeding
• Chronic pain (rarely)
• Infection
• Loss of grafted skin (the graft not healing, or the graft healing slowly)
• Reduced or lost skin sensation, or increased sensitivity
• Scarring
• Skin discoloration
• Uneven skin surface

Reimbursement information

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