Don’t miss us at the Orthopedic Trauma Course in San Francisco

Come see us April 28th through 30th at the 11th Annual International San Francisco Orthopedic Trauma Course. We will be on 4th floor at the InterContinental San Francisco hotel on Howard Street. There will be approximately 475-525 attendees. The course will draw from the distinguished faculty in the UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, as well as a group of

New Reimbursement Information

DermaClose is proud to announce the new commonly billed CPT codes for reimbursement, as well as a guide that showing the cost saving incurred with DermaClose vs NPWT, vessel loops, and skin grafting. Bottom line, for a hospital with 5 cases per month, Dermachose saves the hospital every year: $279,000 versus NPWT (VAC) therapy $559,000 versus

A new milestone

We are pleased to announce that DermaClose has reached a new milestone. DermaClose has now been used in over 15,000 cases to date! There are also now 42 case reports and more coming in almost every month. All of us at DermaClose are proud of the work more and more surgeons are doing to help

DermaClose helps reduce the risk of total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) complications

Duke University Medical Center has recently begun using DermaClose in their total ankle arthroplasty surgeries. Despite surgical improvements, the incidence of complications arising from TAA wound healing remains unacceptably high (up to 28%). These complications require prolonged post op immobilization, scar formation, and decreased functional outcomes. In severe cases, deep infections can be disastrous and